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Meet Your Coach

Hi! My name is Emily and I am the Health & Life Coach behind ExEm Health! Health and wellness is an absolute passion of mine. As someone who once struggled with emotional eating and feeling happy and confident in her own skin, I 100% understand the struggles that so many men and women face today. Body dysmorphia, militant exercise, deprivation, diet culture, etc, all of these factors can become so confusing and overwhelming to many of us, I was no exception. Through my own journey I have been able to implement and practice new habits that have been the catalyst for where I am today. In doing so I discovered that my purpose is to help others create their own transformation. I now commit my lifes work to helping others discover the highest version of themselves by feeling their absolute best in their own body and learning how to express their wants and desires in an empowering way. I am an Exercise Physiologist, a Personal Trainer, and a Health Coach, and I absolutely love what I do!


"I am a Health & Life Strategist and I help men and women work through their sabotaging eating patterns so that they can create healthy eating habits and discover what food freedom feel like. We do this without giving up the foods they love, militant exercise, or deprivation. Emotions are the driving force behind our habits. It is essential that we connect and learn to embrace them."